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Press Release


UNION Architectural Hardware has supplied D-TEC, the
new and secure cylinder locking system that is at the
heart of Middlesbrough Council’s popular Alley Gates
Scheme - the latest phase of the initiative has just been
announced for North Ormsby and Nunthorpe.
D-TEC was chosen because of the high degree of
security it provides, the levels of service offered by
UNION and its local locksmith partner, D & E Lloyd, and
its competitive price.
UK-manufactured D-TEC lock cylinders are being fitted
on the 270 new gates that form the third phase of the
project designed to improve safety in the area. The gates
restrict access to authorised persons thanks to a
sophisticated master key system, as well as boosting
local residents’ sense of ownership of the alleyways. This
fosters a sense of pride in the area and encourages its
development as an amenity and a real asset to the
people of Middlesbrough. The gates were supplied by
Barford Engineering.
Security is assured by the use of D-TEC because an
official order will be required to purchase keys and
swapping of keys will be impossible. Locksmith and
official D-TEC centre, D & E Lloyd will maintain records
of all keys issued and will be the only source for key
cutting and cylinder pinning.
As a local supplier D & E Lloyd is also able to supply
the product to Middlesbrough Council on a much more
flexible basis and with much shorter lead times as the
work progresses. Furthermore the system allows
provision for expansion at a later date making it an
important investment for the future.
UNION Architectural Hardware’s says that D-TEC is one
of the most secure locking systems currently available
for the commercial self-assembly market and is tested to
BS EN 1303 CEN Grade 5.

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